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Just a heads up I probably won't be posting here much anymore.  But I think you already could tell =P  I don't make so many stamps anymore.  I might just upload them to my main account.  Thank you for the support :heart:
Pro Human/Anthrope

I changed up this stamp to included all human/anthrope pairings instead of just Sonic.  Plus I was feeling "Sonic Animals" was giving people the wrong idea even though I explained what I meant in the description.  Also used probably the most well received human/anthrope couple as a background image for this stamp, Roger and Jessica Rabbit.

Same point as before, I'm tired of people calling these ships bestiality.  Bestiality is a horrid thing that exists in real life where sick individuals torture animals sexually to get off.  Anthropes are fictional animals who have a human-like appearance, can talk and live as a human being with the ability to consent. They are treated as humans as well.  To say that it's the same thing is just stupid.

Usually people don't say much about these pairings or even support them themselves.  But for some reason everyone lost their shit over Sonic and Elise.  Most of them hate it for other reasons, one of them being it's also necrophilia which is equally as stupid, but decide to throw bestiality on top of it because it's convenient.  If you're squicked by it that's your deal but it is in no way shape or form bestiality.

Template by :iconzilla774:


United States
Basically this is a stamp account created by me, SonicAngel948

I created it because I was tired of the stamps in my main account getting more faves than my artwork. Every since then, nearly all the stamps go to this account.

If you notice, many of the comments are disabled on my stamps. This is a precaution against flamers and spammers. If you wish to comment whether it's to agree or disagree, I would much prefer that you do it in the form of a note. To keep my front page neat :)

But please be civil if you are going to disagree. I don't block comments because I'm afraid someone is going to disagree. Many people have a problem expressing there disagreement without sounding condescending and rude. If you can't agree to that, then I will just hide your comments. But I promise not to hide if you are merely disagreeing. All I ask is for politeness :aww:

Oh and if you remove my stamps from your groups, there is no need to tell me why. Especially not on my front page. If I am concerned about it, I will note you personally. Thanks!

One more thing. If you post on my front page without getting to some kind of point or are just here to get attention for yourself, I'm reporting your comment as spam.

Terms of Stamp Usage
Since I keep getting asked this you do not need my permission to use my stamps. Just use them. That's why they are there. Please know that you can't use stamps if you are not a subscribed member because the thumb codes won't work. But you can always fave them if you don't have a subscription.

If you want to make the stamps that you like into accounts so that non-subscribers can use them, please inform me of it first. I will probably say yes. You may not repost the stamps though or claim them as your own.

Hope you guys enjoy my stamps! :heart: Thanks for the favs in advance! :hug:

Template sources are :iconsparklum::iconzilla774::iconbasti93::icongooglememan:
I know I said I detest when I see a deviation I like in storage, but I am doing that with some of my stamps.  But only because I plan on deleting them at a later time. So if you see something you faved in storage, I apologize :( I wish the Manage Deviations section would just let you mass delete instead of having to pick them out one by one.

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